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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sign Borgetti (while you can)!

We here on 116th Street are well aware of the general hate that most American soccer fans have for Jared Borgetti, but with his place at Bolton long gone, and his move to Saudi Arabia on the outs, it is a no-brainer that MLS should go in for the striker. I'm not advising that the league should break the bank for him, but if reasonable terms can be worked out, Borgetti's arrival would mean much to a league that presently struggles with name recognition.
Beyond his obvious appeal to Mexican communities in MLS cities, Borgetti is a productive player, with an eye for goal that the league could use in a major way. Furthermore, his polarizing presence would add fuel to rivalries wherever he plays (imagine what Borgetti's presence on FC Dallas would do to the Dallas-Houston rivalry, or as a member of the Galaxy, deepening the LA-Chivas rift!). He might (this could be a major stretch) even help the Red Bulls, on the field and off. MLS, we are watching you: this deal should be a no-brainer (especially since you already missed out on Jay-Jay Okocha).


Anonymous McCrum said...

Bold move, great job thinking out of the box. That said, I'd fly out to LA to spit on him.

11:36 PM  

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