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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No News Is No Fun

And so we find ourselves living through the dog days, the days when speculation is rampant and news is scarce (at least Bruce Arena signed on with the Red Bulls; if I were a RBNY fan, I'd be excited). We know that nobody is for sale, because Fernando Torres, Franck Ribery and Cristiano Ronaldo are key components of their teams and are absolutely, positively not for sale, unless, you know, you can sweeten the deal a little bit (expect all three to get moved by August). We know that the USSF would really like to hire Jurgen Klinsmann, except that they keep acting like they're indifferent about it.
Really, there's so much posturing going on at the moment that it's pointless to even follow the rumor mill. I read somewhere that Chelsea is about to drop 70 million pounds on Kaka, who signed a five-year deal with Milan less than a month ago! Anyway, this is such a crappy time of year. I've got the post-World Cup hangover going on, which would be at least tolerable if the WC didn't end on such a downer, plus I flipped past Fox Soccer Channel, only to find a repeat of a Juventus-Cagliari tilt from last season. Does it get any bummier than that? Actually, it kind of does: have you seen Guadalajara's new kit?


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