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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Philly Soccer Becoming A Reality?!?!

Being a die-hard Philly sports fan, it goes without saying that life here on 116th Street has been a bit of a nightmare recently, with Giants fans coming out of the woodwork trying to convince me to actually root for those #8+&^~%*<^~$ in the Super Bowl (as if that's going to happen). While I had largely consoled myself by downing pints and talking as much anti-Giants trash as possible (and what is this whole "You live in New York, you have to root for them" mess about, anyway? It's not like they are the only team in the city, after all), today I stumbled across this item in the Delaware County Times, via the700level.com:

Bringing a professional soccer team to Delaware County is about to take a huge step closer to reality.

Make that 45 million steps closer.

The state is poised to announce an agreement to kick in $45 million to partially fund construction of a Major League Soccer stadium in Chester, the Daily Times learned Tuesday — though official details were scant...

State talks with a private investment group to begin construction this year on the $115 million stadium next to the Commodore Barry Bridge have been ongoing for months, and have been closely monitored by MLS officials.

If I am reading this correctly, this means a day that I have long-awaited is nearing fruition: an MLS team in Philly, a team that I can finally call my own! No longer will I maintain casual acquaintance with the league, or follow the off-field practices of MLS more closely than the on-field results. I will be able to begin rivalries with New York and D.C., and learn songs for my own squad, and party with the Sons of Ben when they come up to NYC. A trip back home will include a Septa train out to Chester for a live match with MY squad! Let's get this thing kick-started, Don Garber, MLS brass, Philly ownership, whoever. I seriously cannot contain my excitement!