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Friday, July 14, 2006

The Verdict?

Football365 is reporting that the punishments in the Italian soccer scandal will be as follows:

Juventus - Demoted to Serie B, with a 15 point deduction. Out of Champions League.

Fiorentina - Demoted to Serie B. Out of Champions League.

Lazio - Demoted to Serie B.

AC Milan - Out of Champions League.

Also from 365:

"It remains unclear which club will be adjudged to have 'won' Serie A last season. Juve will be stripped of the championship, but it is inconceivable that it would then be handed to the tainted Milan instead. City rivals Inter Milan, who finished third, may yet be handed their first title since 1989."

I suppose we'll find out whether this report is accurate or not in a few hours.


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