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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All I Want To Say Is...

Marcelo Balboa makes me want to kill myself. No wonder the '98 USA team came in last; they probably were so distracted by his total buffoonery that they forgot they were playing a soccer game. Eff that, listening to his total buffoonery makes me forget that I'm watching a soccer game. I'd like to knock him around. Mofo.


Blogger carlos said...

Completely with you on this one man. The sad thing is I really liked Chelo as a player. Remember that bicycle kick in the 94 World Cup against Colombia - I think - that just went wide by mere inches. I mean that would have been as spectacular a goal as Pele's kick against Italy in Mexico 1970. But I digress here... oh that was my point, I can't say anything good about Balboa's commentating except that I think he has been told by his bosses to dumb down. But how low can you go ?

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