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Saturday, April 22, 2006

At Least There's The F.A. Cup

These season-finish races would be a hell of a lot more exciting if the participants involved could actually make it a race. Manchester United, with their championship hopes on the line, couldn't beat Sunderland last week, who must have clearly intimidated the Red Devils with their 11 points. Man Yoo, shameful as they are for that, have nothing on Arsenal, who apparently don't give a #*^% about their standing in the Premier League; so intent are the Gunners on winning the Champions League, they held Thierry Henry out of the Man United clash over a week ago, then did the same against Spurs this afternoon. Only when they needed their Superman to save their sorry behinds did Henry make an appearance.
The general question is, if a team like Arsenal is going to clearly show everyone that they couldn't care less about a supposed "must-win" game by keeping their best player out of the match, what incentive is there for a fan to keep up with the events of the Premier League? Of course everyone knows that at this point in the season the Champions League is the show, but they keep on playing, evidently because there are a few things left to play for, such as getting into next year's Champions League. If you're Arsenal, don't you try as hard to get in both ways? Well, whatever, I guess now I know not to pay attention to anything involving the words "Premier" and "League" from now until the World Cup begins, because the English teams themselves seem to have already called it a season.


Blogger knibilnats said...

Go Tottenham!!!

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thierry Henry! Even *I* know that name.


2:01 AM  

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